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The OPMA Vision Statement

The OPMA is a voluntary professional association established to protect and advance the interests of our members and of the podiatry profession in Ontario. Persons registered to practise as chiropodists in Ontario may also join the OPMA as Associate Members.  The OPMA advocates to governments and government agencies to secure and maintain public funding for podiatry services; to third-party insurers to maximize coverage of podiatry services; to other professions to educate them on the scope of practice and competencies of podiatrists and for the engagement of podiatrists in multidisciplinary health teams and circles of care; and to the College of Chiropodists of Ontario in the performance of its regulatory duties.

The principal objective of the OPMA is to have Ontario adopt a full scope podiatry model reflecting the podiatry models that exist in nearly all North American jurisdictions so that podiatrists may  practise to their full competencies to the benefit of our patients and to Ontario's healthcare delivery system. In this regard, the OPMA is fully supportive of the College of Chiropodists' initiative to initiate a review by the Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC) to review the chiropody and podiatry professions in Ontario.

Our Mission
  • The objective of the Association is to continue to be recognized as the single, credible voice of podiatry and podiatrists in Ontario.
  • The principal duty of the Association is to serve its members effectively and to be accountable to its members 
  • The goal of the Association is to advance the podiatry profession and the interests of its practitioners in Ontario, by supporting the continuous development of individual practitioners and the profession generally, by promoting the profession and by advocating to government and to other stakeholders on behalf of the profession.
  • The Association also recognizes a duty to serve and protect the public of Ontario, in particular to ensure that the public of Ontario can access highest-quality footcare when and where it is needed and to protect the public against fraudulent practices or incompetent practitioners.
  • The Association will pursue its objective and goals on its own, but also by establishing collaborative relationships with other provincial and national organizations that have shared goals.
In conducting its activities, the Association will at all times act diligently, honestly and in good faith in the best interests of its members.

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