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None of the following information should be taken by individuals as offering or suggesting a diagnosis, assessment or treatment in individual cases.

Individuals experiencing or wishing to avoid health issues with thier feet should contact the nearest podiatrist and schedule a consultation.

Is it a custom Orthotic or not? Let the patient/consumer beware! Real Orthotics are medical appliances that are inserted into the shoes to effect an alteration in the biomechanical functioning of the foot and the pedal posture, that in turn exerts an influence on the ankle, knee, hip and lower back.  When properly prescribed they can be a very effective therapeutic modality in treating a variety of lower extremity and related structural and postural musculoskeletal problems. Unfortunately, in recent years the term "orthotic" has become diluted to mean almost any kind of an insole that is placed in a shoe ostensibly to achieve some clinical benefit.
Many regulated and unregulated practitioners claim to have the ability to prescribe and dispense foot orthotics. Chiropodists and podiatrists are the only professions in Ontario for which "orthotics" are included in their legal scope of practice. Podiatrists are the most highly-trained professionals in the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions using orthotics. Many insurance companies require that foot orthotics be prescribed by a physician, a podiatrist or chiropodist as a condition of coverage. To be sure that a foot orthotic is clinically indicated and to be sure that your foot orthotic will be clinically effective, consult a podiatrist. Don't waste your money and don't risk further foot problems by purchasing a foot orthotic that is unnecessary or doesn't work!

Check out the video below for the full story by The CBC Marketplace Investigation.

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