The OPMA is pleased to provide a monthly brief overview of a different health condition or health priority and its symptoms that impact foot health. In the month of February, the focus is on the chronic condition of heart & stroke.


Welcome to March

The renal foot is the term used to describe foot health issues for those with kidney disease.

The consequences of poor management of the renal foot are considerable and include prolonged ulceration, gangrene, ill health and in severe cases, amputation or even death.  For those undergoing kidney dialysis, foot ulceration is a particular risk.  

Some of us do not take the health of our feet seriously.  In fact, for most, feet are covered in socks and shoes or slippers, unseen and out of mind.  Good health requires health feet.  And, your feet, often provide early indicators of underlying health conditions.  This is often the case with arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and this month  -- kidney disease.  So, as part of your physical “spring tune-up” as you prepare for warmer weather and more physical activities, please check your feet or find the nearest podiatrist for a foot health check.

Throughout March, once a week, the OPMA will have a foot health focus on the renal foot that should be informative.

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